V1.1.8 Reduced footprint & some bug fixes

In about 2/3 of all source files, common subroutines were identified and factored out. Overall flash footprint of the library could be reduced by about 350 Bytes, with some increase in execution times (about 5% on average). For example, memory footprint for Nerdcalc (see History) was 30642 Bytes with fp64lib V1.0.7. With V1.1.7, this was already down to 29596 – the savings of 1046 bytes came from the leaner trigonometric routines introduced in V1.1.0. And with V1.1.8 it is now at 29230 Bytes, so another 336 Bytes saved – and Nerdcalc does not use all fp64lib-functions.

The include file fp64lib.h was cleaned up and contains now only the official entry points of the library.

A bug was fixed in fp64_add to fix the incorrect result when adding 0 to a subnormal.

More details can be found on the fp64lib github release note.