Homepage updated

With V1.2.20, fp64lib already implements 80 functions and it was time to give the users a little bit more structure on what is available. Therefore, the library references was made consistent in style, a table of contents for the more complex pages were introduced and a new page lists the functions by functional groups (like basic math, trigonometric functions, …). Hope this helps especially new users.


fp64lib is a library for implementing 64-bit floating point arithmetic on the AVR MegaAVR architecure microprocessors, like the popular Arduino series. Data format is fully compatible with IEEE 754 binary64 standard, providing about 15-17 digits of accuracy.

The library comes with a math.h compatible head file named “fp64-math.h”. All fp64lib routines start with “fp64_”, e.g. fp64_sin or fp64_add. Library is fully compatible to usual “math.h” routines and include functions for basic arithmetic, checking and comparing, trigonometry, conversion, logarithms and hyperbelic math. Read more…