fp64lib would not be possible without the great work of other people out there. Even as a lot of credit is included in the source code files, I want to express my thanks to:

Detlef_a (Nickname in the forum) and Florian Königstein Рthe creators of the avr_f64.c library: your library was my gold standard for testing my routines!

Michael Stumpf and Dmitry Xmelkov – the creators of the avr 32-bit floating point library: your library helped me to come to a complete set of library routines, and some of your algorithms are just genious hacks!

Georg-Johann Lay – maintainer of the avr-gcc cross-compiler: his vast knowledge both on numerical mathematics and AVR programming was incredible helpful to evaluate and improve numerical accuracy and speed of fp64lib.

Don Ho and the Notepad++ team – creators and maintainers of Notepad++ editor: for me, this is the greatest code editor available. So easily adaptable (I just added AVR assembly language support), so reliable and lightning fast. Without Notepad++, this project would have taken much, much longer. – creators of the Arduino universe with affordable and easily programmable microcontrollers: Thank you for supplying such a rich environment and building up such a great community.

Atmel corporation – creators of the AVR microprocessor lines: Thank you for creating and licensing that great microprocessor design, with tons of documentation available.